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Orange County, CA Courses
Handgun Proficiency 101

An intensive ‘hands on’, (minimal classroom) foundational course that requires no prior handgun experience or knowledge.  Covers handgun function, parts terminology, ammunition, loading and unloading, safe and professional gun handling, grip, body position, sighting, triggering and recoil control. Students will learn precision shooting using electronic ‘dot’ sights; and then progress to reactive targets in timed courses of fire and holster draw with conventional sights.  Students will follow and give sports-action range commands, the basics of Range Safety Officer and enforcing safety rules.  Final segment covers rapid fire/CQ techniques culminating in a home-invasion defense scenario.   Course is six to eight hours conducted on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm with a 45 minute break for lunch.

Successful completion of this course is a prerequisite and foundation for all other courses. Open to students age 12 and above. Minors under age 12 are accepted on a ‘case by case’ basis.  Students who successfully complete this course can expect to have skills on par with a first-year sports action shooter.  An optional certificate of successful completion is available to students who score 95% or more on a post training exam.  Course can be repeated for a nominal fee.

Adult Course Fee: $185      Parent & Minor:  $225     Minors 17 and under: $75    Groups: call for rates

The Zen of the Handgun  201

Prerequisite: 101

Course is an application of skills from the 101 course with firearms to learn the critical mental discipline or ‘zen’ of the handgun. Class is four hours beginning at 9:30 am.   Open to minors accompanied by parent or legal guardian.   No fee for non-participating adult chaperones of minors.   

Adult Course Fee: $175           Parent & Minor: $250           Minors 17 and under: $100

Location:  Outdoor Range

Combat Shooting Technique 102

Prerequisite:  101

A continuation of 101 and preparation for 103.  Students will practice draw and fire for time, engage IDPA silhouette targets with movement in timed courses of fire to learn rapid sighting and instinctive shooting methods. Course is conducted indoors. Class is six hours beginning at 9:00 am.  All equipment is supplied at no additional charge.      

Course Fee: $125     Parent & Minor $175   

Combat Handgun Force on Force 103

Prerequisite: 101, 102

What swords are to fencing, this course is an excursion into ‘force on force’ tactical handgun competition against an equivalent opponent using infrared laser equipped handguns.   It is first person 3D gaming in real life designed to hone tactical and reactive skills in a thrilling real-life ‘gun fight’.  Students wear laser sensing vests while using limited magazine guns to effect hits on opponents in a scenario that is timed and scored.  Ammunition is limited and tactical skill is paramount.  Win or lose, you will learn.  

Course is currently in development.  Fees yet to be determined.

Prerequisite:  101, 201 or equivalent training strongly recommended

Two day class to fulfill the 16 hours of training required for the California CCW permit, Orange County.  Classroom portion covers self-defense laws and responsibilities, mental preparedness, fight or flight decision-making, strategies to avoid or evade potential lethal threats and what to do after a defensive shooting.   Range work will include basic marksmanship, holster draw and defensive movement, use of cover and concealment, close quarters defensive handgun techniques and shooting while on the move.

Course conducted by Allsafe Defense Systems:    https://www.allsafedefense.com/courses/ccw-nra-ppoh/

Gun Handling for the Acting Professions

Prerequisite: be a SAG/AFTRA/DGA member, credited actor/actress, theatre/film student or production professional.

An intensive full day course to prepare actors to competently audition and function in roles that require handling of pistols, shotguns and rifles. Course focuses on manipulation, operation, holster draw and tactical movements commonly portrayed in contemporary TV, film and video production.  Course includes live fire to expose students to the experience of firing real guns.

Course Fee:  $350  (can be discounted or waived in consideration for a model release and promotional work)

California CCW Permit (Orange County)
The Silverado Method for Trainers

A classroom course to prepare professional firearms trainers to understand and incorporate the ‘Silverado Method’ into their own training programs.   While the method is simple to describe, it is far more difficult to teach.   This class will cover how to integrate the method into existing training, understanding the science behind it and the challenges behind teaching it to shooters.  This class can be conducted in-house, on-site or as training consulting.

Call for scheduling and fee information.