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Being proficient with a handgun doesn’t require great physical strength or size.  In fact, there are teen-age girls who can beat adult men in handgun shooting competition.

Handgun Mastery for Women
Unfortunately, many women who could become good shooters, avoid handguns altogether. It may be due to a fear of handguns, a negative experience, or a reluctance to explore the typical training environment.

The Silverado Shooting Academy offers an enjoyable, stress-free method of training that is ‘hands-on’, conducted in a safe and relaxed environment.  Our Basic Handgun Proficiency Class 101 is a one day (six hours) of training conducted in Silverado, located in eastern Orange County. It is designed for students with no handgun experience of any kind with the goal of mastering the physical mechanics in one day.  The Outdoor Range 201 Class advances the student into higher power firearms and the mental discipline required for using them effectively.

You can do this:  we can take new students who are afraid of handguns and turn them into proficient shooters in two days of training.   We have trained girls as young as 8 and mature women in their 80’s in the art of handgun shooting.

“The Silverado Shooting Academy far exceeded my expectations. The Basic Handgun Proficiency course gave me the knowledge and skills required in preparation for the Outdoor Range course which was fantastic! Having the opportunity to shoot a variety of firearms, in an outdoor setting, with various steel targets enabled me to put my training in the Basic Handgun Proficiency course to use and quickly gain confidence. Most of all it was fun!  I would highly recommend the Silverado Shooting Academy.”   

                                                                                                            - Lynn Branch