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To sign up for instruction: call our 24/7 message line at  949 903 7233 ,  or send us an e-mail to providing your contact phone, e-mail address and the class and/or dates of training you are seeking (see training calendar page).

We do not offer web-based sign up, as we need to speak with our prospective students prior to placing them in a class.  This allows us to learn your experiences, needs, training objectives and answer questions about our system and various classes.   We can process your course payment by phone at that time with a debit or credit card.

All of our classes are scheduled by pre-paid reservation.  We cannot take walk-in or drop-in students because our class sizes are kept small to preserve the quality of training for students.

Q:  Do I need to own a gun to take the class?

A:  No.  We provide all training equipment and ammunition at no additional cost.  We encourage you to take our training prior to making any handgun purchase.  Training will give you a better idea of what you want or need in a handgun and prepare you to make better purchasing decisions.

Q:  Can I train with my own gun?

A:  You may bring your own firearms to the Outdoor Range 201 or 202 classes, however we may not be able to provide you with the ammunition needed for it.  If you supply your own firearm and ammunition you make take the 201, 202 classes at a discounted rate.  In that case, you will need approximately 200 rounds and four magazines for a semi-auto handgun. No firearms or live ammunition are permitted or used in the 101 class.  All training equipment is supplied by us.

Q:  Do you offer training for men and boys?

A:  Yes, we do accept male students in our classes except when a class is specified as women only upon request.

Q:  I don’t yet own a gun, will I be able to see what different guns feel like?

A:  We have a variety of handguns we use in the Basic 101 class which are training versions of some popular models. These include the Colt 1911 and it’s variants,  the Sig-Sauer 226,  the Beretta F92, the Springfield Armory XDM-9, the Glock 17,  and Smith & Wesson revolver.   At the Outdoor Range we have the Springfield Armory XD-9 and Glock available to try as well as a Smith & Wesson M&P22 training pistol.  We suggest that you get trained before you make a handgun purchase.

Q: Does your training get you the certificate to buy a gun?

A:  The California Firearm Safety Certificate is issued from passing a 30 question test which is based on a small booklet written at the fifth grade reading level.  It’s an easy test to pass and we give you the study guide for free if you need it.  We don’t take your time or money to have you sit in a classroom and recite the contents of a booklet you can easily read at home.  Some training operations make a lot of money by filling a classroom with people who pay to have someone recite the contents of the booklet to them.  We don’t do this.  We don’t think it is ethical or a good use of your time or ours.   We train you how to shoot.  You can’t learn that from reading a booklet.

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