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Most of us learned the old-fashioned way.  Dad, an older brother, or a buddy handed us a .45 with a bit of a smile, knowing that the concussion and recoil would be our initiation, our ‘rite of passage’ into the world of handguns.  It’s a guy thing.  We may not say it, but we think it.  There is a sense of pride in it, but we can’t afford to support this mythology anymore.  

We are faced with an ever-growing ‘nanny’ state, bent on creating a disarmed population.  Eliminating private handgun ownership is objective number one – not for reasons of public safety as is claimed, but because handguns are the weakest link in arena of public opinion.  Every time someone posts an internet video of a slender woman falling down while firing a large caliber handgun, they are aiding the enemies of our freedom.   If we allow handguns to be portrayed as hazardous man-toys, we will lose our right to keep them. We need to step up in support of our freedom and do so quickly, because time is running out.   Government run public education is turning out anti-Second Amendment, gun paranoia at record pace.   Before we can take back the culture, we need to win over our own family members.

“I can teach my family members how to shoot a pistol”.  

True – you probably can, but will your spouse or children ask you to take them back to the range again afterward?   The old axiom of “first impressions are lasting impressions” very much applies to handguns.  People have a natural aversion to holding on to things that explode.   Putting a 9mm or a .38 in your wife’s or children’s hands and making it go ‘bang’ might teach them how it’s done, but will it leave them interested in doing it again?  

“I can’t get my family members interested in shooting”.

Too many spouses and children of handgun enthusiasts know how to use a handgun in the same way that they may know how to change a car tire.  They know the mechanics of it, but have no real desire to participate in it.   If your spouse views handgun shooting as a noxious or boring activity, will she support your time spent at the range or your purchase of yet another handgun?  When your children reach voting age, will they vigorously defend handgun ownership rights in the face of public school, pop-culture and media anti-gun propaganda?

Wouldn’t you rather have a spouse and children that share your interest in handguns? Or at least fully appreciate and support your interest in them?   The problem is in how people are introduced to handguns.  Any handgun training organization can teach the mechanics of handgun shooting.  We don’t just produce good shooters, but shooters who can fully appreciate and enjoy the handgun experience. This requires a more intelligent approach to introductory handgun training.

The Silverado Shooting Academy offers an innovative approach to handgun training that exposes the novice student to the fun of handguns as well as safety and proficiency in using them.

Ultimately, it’s about our freedom.

The right to private handgun ownership can only be protected and preserved if handguns are perceived as more than just ‘a necessary evil’.   Personal protection is a very important right and responsibility; however, handguns are more than just compact personal weapons.  (A ‘weapon’ is how you choose to use something.)  Handgun shooting as a recreational and sports activity changes the perception of handguns and counters the irrational fears the popular media attempts to create.  The best and safest shooters are those who enjoy and regularly participate in organized shooting activities such as IPSC, IDPA, and other structured matches.  Our training approach is designed to guide the students interest towards these activities; because ultimately, our freedom depends on it.

It’s a guy thing…